Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We were evacuated today.  It is a horrible mess down there.

In hindsight, it is really our own fault.  At least, I should have known better.  LaFontaine would not help Zeb because stabilizing the cave is not his caliber of work, and both of them never asked me.  I guess it was that whole “women are too delicate for hard work thing,” and honestly, I should have volunteered instead of focusing on the sleeping quarters.  As it was, we were lucky.

Zeb was extending the support rods to support what was left of the beams in the kitchen where the wall had collapsed, when we heard his shout, and he ran out of the passage followed by a cloud of dust.  When the dust cleared, we went back.  The roof collapsed, leaving a cavity in the celling that Zeb says is solid rock and more stable than what was there.  What was there though, is all on the floor, and about 4 feet of it.  Excitingly, the passage way does extend past the kitchen, just as Zeb had said it would from reading the blueprints.

Safe, and back up at the farm house, Lafontaine called Rogers from S.T.E.A.M. headquarters.  He would not authorize extra workers to remove the debris, but he has agreed to come and evaluate the situation.

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