Getting ready for a new adventure

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I packed everything for a week in two bags; one for clothes and one for books.  The dean was quite firm that I would not be allowed to return should this new appointment not work out.  I fear I may have shot my academic career in the foot with this move.

Good news!  Beth, as agreed to take Georgie, my Bengal cat, for the time being.   I will come back for him next week after I get settled in Maryland.   I guess they have permanent quarters near the site for us.  Now it is off to catch the train to D.C.  Lafontaine assured me that I would not need a car at the site, but I am worried.  He has called four times.  Every time he has called, we have gotten disconnected before he could say anything about the site.  Cell tower service there must be dismal.

I have been studying the spider legged flower and concluded that it is fossilized organic material.  My guess is that it is some sort of carnivorous plant life.  I made several attempts to scrape the surface of the thing for cells to examine under the microscope have been successful!  The cells are rectangular, confirming my suspicions that the life form is plant-based, however, I have not been successful in extracting a cell with a nucleus to test for genetic material.  I feel a bit silly.  I am sure Lafontaine has already done this and I am duplicating effort.  Yet,  it would be just like that pompous ass to expect me to know everything about it when I get there.

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