Picnic in an iron giant

Monday, July 26, 2010

We have been allowed down in the cave again.

The area past the kitchen has been cleared, but scaffolding remains over the area.  A bridge has been constructed over a gaping hole in the floor.  Pipes as thick as my waist run in every direction down there.  Zeb has said that a boiler, 20 feet high, is holding up the rest of the flooring.  He spent the day exploring down there.  At lunchtime, we all repelled down to see it.  Coal scuttles full of blue crystals stood waiting by the boiler, shovels propped up beside them.  Zeb had set up a table and chairs inside one of the empty steam chambers,   and we ate there, while Zeb went on and on about how remarkable the construction of the boiler was.  I told him I thought the blue stuff might be the fuel Ampratite that was mentioned in the letter I’d found.  He says the boiler is so huge, it would easily be able to heat all of the rooms he found in the blue prints.  But none of us thinks it was meant for heating.  Even LaFontaine was impressed.

It was so pleasant; our weird little picnic in the belly of a cast iron machine of colossal size, designed to do who knows what by people who somehow disappeared without leaving a trace on the modern world.  I think we might finally be becoming a team.

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