Friday, July 23, 2010

Rogers spent two hours, at least, in a meeting with LaFontaine this morning.  I heard some of the shouting, where I sat in the kitchen, and it had to do with sharing information with the team and with S.T.E.A.M.

When they came out of the front room, Rogers called Zeb down from upstairs and we had an impromptu meeting of our own.  LaFontaine had found out much in his study of the library documents and the documents from the front desk.

Apparently, the company had discovered an entrance to some other realm.  So vast, that it had its own sky, seas and continents.  Naturally, until we see this place ourselves, we cannot possibly take the statements of these early explorers at face value.  But clearly, they did trade heavily in this newly discovered domain.  There are exotically named places, like Avarous and Nirodha, and races that may not be entirely human, like the Namarites and the Sarn, and nomads called the Gahj that wander the desert. LaFontaine showed us a map he discovered.  The map has great continents outlined with the sure precision of a cartographer, the peoples who live on the land masses and the goods that they produce, are also clearly indicated.  So, too, are some of the dangers.

Clearly, with this new information, our mandate has changed.  We must reopen the gate to this lost world, and this continent Sumetra, as it is termed.

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